I've moved!

I've moved to a more permanent home over at kateelizabeth.co.uk.

All of these posts have been exported there and that's where I'm updating so if you're interested, please head on over there and join me!




Finally got round to thinking about a redesign for this blog.

I am designing a new blog for Wordpress, that will feature my design portfolio and things that inspire my design, but I'll be keeping this blog for the time being to post about my life. We'll see how the two work together in the future, but I may migrate over there if it works better!

Most of the blogs I read are blogger blogs however, so I log in daily to read my blogger feed and catch up with everything that's been going on, and I'll continue to do that

This blog is still a work in process, so forgive me if it looks a little weird at times. You do get to see a sort-of sneak preview of what my website will look like with the new logo and colour scheme which is kind of nice however.

Anyhoo, back to the daily grind!

Have a great day xo


Man Oh Man...

... it has been a while! I'm currently thinking up plans for this blog as it has got a little lost of late and I'd like for it to not disappear into nothingness.

I'm currently having a career-crisis and wondering what the heckers I'm going to do when my contract ends in August. There is both an overwhelming choice of jobs, but a distinctly frustrating sense that none of the jobs I'm seeing are what I really want to do. Then again, I don't know what I want to do. Circles my friends; I keep going round in circles.

To keep this post somewhat interesting, here are some Instragram and Vintage Cam (hurrah! I have joined the world of Apple!) photos from the past few weeks:

* 1: The boyfriend and I (and the Woolfman) deciding what to order @charangobar * 2: The mammoth amount of food we ended up ordering * 3: The sequins of my NYE dress * 4: The first nail colour of the year - yellow matte * 5: Rings that remind me of the best times with the boyfriend * 6: The step-dad's amazing calzone at Amici's * 7: The boyfriend's coffee to finish off our meal * 8: Winter evenings getting ever so lighter *