Man Oh Man...

... it has been a while! I'm currently thinking up plans for this blog as it has got a little lost of late and I'd like for it to not disappear into nothingness.

I'm currently having a career-crisis and wondering what the heckers I'm going to do when my contract ends in August. There is both an overwhelming choice of jobs, but a distinctly frustrating sense that none of the jobs I'm seeing are what I really want to do. Then again, I don't know what I want to do. Circles my friends; I keep going round in circles.

To keep this post somewhat interesting, here are some Instragram and Vintage Cam (hurrah! I have joined the world of Apple!) photos from the past few weeks:

* 1: The boyfriend and I (and the Woolfman) deciding what to order @charangobar * 2: The mammoth amount of food we ended up ordering * 3: The sequins of my NYE dress * 4: The first nail colour of the year - yellow matte * 5: Rings that remind me of the best times with the boyfriend * 6: The step-dad's amazing calzone at Amici's * 7: The boyfriend's coffee to finish off our meal * 8: Winter evenings getting ever so lighter *

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