Fish and Chips in Criccieth

Until Sunday afternoon I'd never had fish and chips from a takeaway.

When the other half decided we should get some and sit on the beach while we ate them I agreed because the sun was just starting to appear as we walked down the hill into Criccieth, and it just seemed like the perfect time to try them.

We walked up to Castle Fish and Chips which was queuing out of the door and ordered fish, chips and curry sauce, before walking down and setting ourselves up on the stone pier. I hadn't told the other half that I'd never had fish and chips before and it was only when I asked him how on earth I was supposed to eat it that I gave the game away. Man, was that fish and chips good. I could eat it again right about now, especially after looking back at the pictures.

Whenever I visited Wales with the family when I was younger we would to visit the RNLI in Criccieth and as I hadn't been in years I dragged the other half to look at the boat they use and spend some money supporting them. The woman in the shop was so lovely. I came back with a notepad and pen (because you can never have enough pens!), a comb (for my newly cut-in fringe), and one of those keyrings that has a pound-sized medallion for shopping trolleys (as I never have a pound when I need one).

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting Criccieth I recommend first heading to Castle's and then taking a look in the RNLI. You can't go wrong.

Tush and Stuff Criccieth 1
Tush and Stuff Criccieth 2
Tush and Stuff Criccieth 3
Tush and Stuff Criccieth 4
Tush and Stuff Criccieth 5
Tush and Stuff Criccieth 6
Tush and Stuff Criccieth 7


  1. Oh gosh, I love takeaway fish and chips! They are nonexistant in the U.S., at least in the proper form. I would fly to the UK just for proper fish and chips.

  2. I am a little bit hooked! My sister twisted my arm for us to have fish and chips again for lunch today and I couldn't resist.

    They definitely weren't as nice as these were from Castle's though.

  3. This epitomises British summer time - love it.

    Helen, X

  4. I think it was my favourite thing to do this summer, Helen!