What I'm Listening to #4

Sorry for the distinct lack of posts! I thought I'd get back in the swing of things with a nice and easy "What I'm Listening To" one.

The weather in Manchester this weekend has been wretched. It's been so incredibly bleak I'm starting to wonder where the sky went. My trusty iPod has been keeping me company, though, as I've been driving around in the drizzle and its shuffle brought up good ol' Songs About Jane from Maroon 5 back in the day.

Let's just get this out there: I love this album. It holds so many memories for me that I can not listen to any single song from it and not remember something from my teenage years, and you can't deny the power of that. There are only a few albums that I can listen to that can do that for me.

I remember having an mp3 player before my iPod(s) and this album was the first to be put on and was never taken off. I went to Ibiza for almost three weeks way back when and listened to it the whole time I sunbathed, so it is not only an amazing album, but it also always brings back memories of sun and sand (which, when the weather is this bad is always welcome) and memories of time spent with a bestie.

I had a difficult choice choosing which song to actually put on the blog, because I think everyone should just go and listen to the whole album (go, go right now!), but decided on the one below. Something about this song reminded me of what was (despite the bleak and nasty weather) a near perfect weekend just spent with the other half, and life just doesn't get much better than near perfect weekends with your other half.


Maroon 5 - "Sunday Morning"

I promise to get back to more regular blog posts. Pinkie.

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