Autumn Knits

I am much a more an Autumn/Winter fashion person than a Spring/Summer one.

This is most likely because I live in Manchester, one of the rainiest places in England. We get about a week's worth of sun so spending good money on Spring/Summer items always seems like a waste.

Autumn/Winter fashion, on the other hand, feels like an investment. And jumpers? Jumpers I can definitely get behind as a must-have purchase for the coming cold months.

I think I search Knitwear sections of websites more than any other section, so when I stumbled over this little number on Topshop's website I suddenly started thinking of cosy boots, thick scarves and drinks in front of pub fires.

Topshop  Knitted Tie Back Jumper - £40

I love the pale grey colour. I think grey is always a bit nicer in winter than black. Black just seems to add to the darkness, whereas grey perks me up. The bow on the back just adds a little something extra to the texture of those little bobbly bits! 

I think I'll definitely be saving up for this. I'm not always a fan of ordering online, especially with knitwear as it can be a bit scratchy, so I'll be hoping to pop into a Topshop store to have quick feel. Fingers crossed it feels as comfy as it looks!

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