I heart Manchester.

It probably didn't escape your attention that last week England had some riots.

I don't want to jump on the riot bandwagon and start discussing how the riots came about and whether or not the looters were justified*. I think Russell Brand was eloquent and poignant in his discussion on the situation, and I admire his questioning of the whole political situation.

However, this post isn't about what happened those nights, it's about what happened in the days since.

Yesterday I read an article about how a wall in the Arndale (Manchester's shopping centre) was covered in post-it notes with messages of love and support for the city. I wish the video below showed the extent of the messages but I'm pretty sure it only covers a small portion.

I love Manchester (it's my closest city and the one in which I feel most at home) and it's nice to know that there is an enormous outweigh of people out there who feel the same. The fact that the majority of the damage caused by rioters was cleared by 10am the next morning by volunteers who turned up with brushes, bin bags, refreshments** and a hearty dose of morale is a testament to how great the people of Manchester are.

*I don't think their actions were justified. There are better ways to protest against your situation and perhaps one day in the future I'll write about what I think about this.
**Proud of this guy for getting in his big Monster truck and recharging the volunteers, and I'm pretty sure he feels the same.

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