Sometimes in the morning when I've gone through the task of finding an outfit I'm happy with I look at my feet and just don't know what to put on them. I hate to admit it, but I do.

Years ago, when I worked for New Look, I came home every weekend with a new pair of shoes: open my cupboard; shoes would fall out. I managed this feat by not having anything else that required my immediate funds and the pretty nifty 50% discount that I got from working there.

Nowadays I have things like rent, my car, my lifestyle, and my desire to spend money on good food which I feel have first dibs on my earnings.

This therefore leads to the feeling of perfect-shoelessness.

For Autumn I've decided to make a shoe wishlist. A perfect mix of burgundy hues and mixed fabrics that I'm hoping will suit any outfit I manage to pull together. A shoe for every autumn occasion. (The wonderful thing about this shoe wishlist is that I would wear each shoe both for casual and for work which is a lovely double-whammy and something I try and go all out for when picking out clothes and shoes).

Only problem is I need to find £291 to get them all.

1. Toms classic slip flats in black - £33
2. Office Keeper lace up in burgundy suede - £85
3. DV Whatt Lace Up Heeled Ankle Boots - £110
4. Dorothy Perkins Black contrast pumps - £18
5. Wallis Berry Block Heel T-Bar Shoe - £45

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  1. I love number 5! When you get them, make sure you get them too big for you so I can have a sneaky borrow! hehe xxx

    p.s. definitely invest in a pair of toms, I've got 2 pairs now (one black for work) and they are seriously the most comfy shoes!