The Clog Dilemna

I've fallen for some clogs and I don't know what to do about it. The problem being that I near enough want all colours I can find of said clogs but that would not only be ridiculously expensive, but just plain ridiculous, non?

They are beautiful.

The Rose and Stone colour I've found on ASOS, (in the sale!), and amazingly they still have my size (this never happens - a sign perhaps?).

BUT, I just about love the Burgundy colour the most, which I can only find on Amazon (not in the sale - sad face).

If it were spring I'd jump at the Rose and Stone ones, but I just can't shake that we're heading into Autumn, and I live in Manchester where it doesn't rain, it pours, and I think they'd just end up as sad, dirty, soggy clogs. 

Decisions, decisions.

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