Bonfire Night

Last weekend was spent with some family with a bonfire and some fireworks as we celebrated Bonfire Night.

I'm not the biggest fan of fireworks - I pretty much hate anything explosive - but the boyfriend made me stay outside this year and watch them all the way through. This was a BIG step, and I'm pretty glad I did it, because I got to test out some videos and stuff with my camera.

Looking back, I didn't get a great variety of photographs but it was a learning curve for settings on my camera.

For some reason, I felt like editing them into black and white shots, and I quite like the simplicity of them. They look awesome in colour too, so I may put those up in the future. We shall see.

All in all it was a perfectly cosy evening spent with family, which is always a good move.

Small fireworks B&W

Ash B&W

Fire B&W

Fireworks B&W

Fireworks B&W

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