Marshmallow and Nutella Croissant

I added this picture to my Pinterest board the other day and have been dying to try it out. I haven't managed to yet - which is a little rubbish, just look at those things! - but it also gives me something for my taste buds to look forward to.

As I haven't tried it out, I can't say for certain, but I think I'd be tempted to do it more as a rolled croissant instead of the parcel-type one they have going on above. Think of the way that Meryl Streep makes them in It's Complicated and you'll see what I'm getting at - ie. put a marshmallow and a blob of Nutella then roll into a croissant shape.

Either way, I have some free time next week, and I plan on having a go at making these, and then most likely passing out in a marshmallow-Nutella-pastry food-induced coma of food-heavenliness.



  1. Can you do them on either Monday or Wednesday when I'm free so I can help you eat them? hehe xxx

  2. We can do them together if you'd like! We shall take pictures and chart our lovely success! (Let's face it, with all the ingredients even an epic disaster would still taste yummy!) x